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Hello friends!

Help a young filmmaker raise money to buy his equipment back.

This is my good friend Maurice Keyes who I went to film school with. During one of his gigs a few weeks ago his entire equipment got stolen and he is looking for funds. Not only do I say this as a friend but as a fellow young filmmaker, I support and see so much potential in him.

Here are a few Behind The Scenes photos I took during his thesis film shoot last year.

If you have some spare money, please support this young Black filmmaker and take a look at his work on the Indiegogo page

If anything, please pass this around. 



please help out a Black Filmmaker.

P.S my condolences go to him, that’s awful his film equipment got stolen.

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Your Fave Is Problematic: Vladimir Lenin


  • Appropriated the struggle and culture of the poor despite coming from a well-off family
  • Had the czar and his entirely family killed solely because they were monarchs, which they were born into and had little control over
  • Called religious belief a “deception” which is very insulting to people who are religious
  • Stole factories from their owners and farms from their landlords without due process of the law
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In the end all books are written for your friends. The problem after writing One Hundred Years of Solitude was that now I no longer know whom of the millions of readers I am writing for; this upsets and inhibits me. It’s like a million eyes are looking at you and you don’t really know what they think. By Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1927 – April 17, 2014) in this altogether excellent 1981 Paris Review interview, a fine manifestation of the magazine’s mastery of the art of the interview. (via explore-blog)